Frequently Asked Questions

Please note, always consult your doctor, before making changes to you blood pressure treatment.

Q: What is Zona Plus

A: Zona Plus is a computer-controlled medical device indicated for the treatment of hypertension. It takes the user through an isometric therapy session that is clinically proven to lower blood pressure. It fits easily into the palm of your hand.

Q: Who can benefit from Zona Plus Therapy

A: It is generally recognized that isometric exercise has shown to be effective in reducing blood pressure. In clinical studies, 9 out of 10 patients have seen significant blood pressure drops.

Zona Plus is easy to use and safe. There are no known negative side effects. Young or old, early stage or severe hypertension, medicated or not, nearly everyone can use and benefit from Zona Plus.

Q: How soon will I see results?

A: Most users see noticeable results after 6-8 weeks. Some can see results earlier, in rare cases it can take 12 weeks or longer. Zona Plus actually improves your cardiovascular health over tome. You will notice very little changes to your resting blood pressure before seeing a sudden drop.

Q: How much time does the Zona Therapy take?

A: Because the Zona therapy is calibrated to your individual physiology, you only have to do it five times a week, 12 minutes a day. The rechargeable Zona Plus is completely portable, so you are flexible, where and when you want to do your therapy sessions.

Q: Are the effects of Zona Plus long lasting?

A: Just as with other anti-hypertension treatment, the beneficial effects of Zona Plus will slowly disappear if you discontinue use.

Q: What happens if I miss a session?

A: The Zona therapy fits your lifestyle. If you happen to miss a day because of your busy schedule, just use the device the next day. The most important concept for your health is that you perform the therapy at least 5 times a week.

Q: Can't I squeeze a ball or ordinary handgrip and get the same effect?

A: No. The Zona Plus is a computer monitored, individually configured therapy. The device uses real-time regulating protocols to guide you through a calibrated and safe therapy level which is optimized to your specific physiology. There is a narrow target window that amplifies the beneficial effects of the isometric therapy while keeping it at safe levels.

Q: Can't I improve my cardiovascular health/fitness with aerobic exercise?

A: People that are already very active will likely see an additional reduction of their elevated blood pressure with Zona Plus Therapy.

Aerobic exercise, running, biking, etc. - is good for you and we encourage you to continue doing it. The isometric exercise provided by the Zona Plus Therapy has been specifically designed to lower blood pressure and typically results in higher blood pressure reductions. Isometric exercise is a different class of exercise that benefits your health in other ways compared to aerobic exercise.

Q: Why is compliance so high with Zona Plus?

A: Because it works for so many patients, which see their elevated blood pressure levels coming down. Also, it is a relatively low stress, low impact and convenient therapy compared with other lifestyle changes. And, Zona Plus comes with a therapy tracking and monitoring app, which helps you to stay on track. Your doctor can use the same app to see your progress and can support you much more effectively compared to other treatments.

Q: Do physicians approve of Zona Plus Therapy?

A: Zona Plus has demonstrated its effectiveness in clinical trials and with thousands of satisfied patients in the USA. Many physicians who are familiar with the Zona Plus have adopted Zona Plus as one of their options to treat hypertension. Zona Plus is a new, innovative therapy introduced in Europe in 2012. Your doctor might not be familiar with it. Print a brief overview to introduce Zona Plus to your doctor at your next visit.

If you are a health care professional and would like more information about the Zona Plus, we have a packet that we can provide. Please click here to request information.

Q: Can more than one person use the Zona Plus?

A: Yes! Zona Plus Therapy Solution supports two users, maintaining separate therapy accounts and records. The Zona Plus resets itself every time it is used. That means that the therapy is personalized for both users every time they turn the device on.

Q: How long will the Zona Plus last?

A: The Zona Plus has been designed with an active lifestyle in mind. You will have many years of use with the device. We offer a 2 year guarantee which automatically extends with your Zona Care membership.

Q: Does the Zona Plus come with a satisfaction guarantee?

A: Yes! We are so sure you'll be satisfied with the Zona Plus, we guarantee it. If you are not completely convinced that the Zona Plus Therapy is right for you, just return it within the first 12 weeks and receive a refund. All you have to do is to use the Zona Plus Therapy for at least 8 weeks.

Q: Is Zona Plus for me if I have already been able to reduce my blood pressure to normal levels around 120/80 mmHg with medication?

A: Yes, healthy lifestyle choices are generally advisable. It is always beneficial to train and strengthen your cardiovascular system with the Zona Plus Therapy. With Zona Plus and in consultation with your physician you might be able to reduce your medication.

Talk to your doctor and discuss with him the opportunity to reduce your hypertension medication after you have been on Zona Plus Therapy for a minimum of 8 weeks.

Here is why: After 8 weeks of Zona Plus Therapy you have trained your cardiovascular system. But, even though your cardiovascular system is now more capable to maintain healthy blood pressure levels, it does not jump into full action until your resting blood pressure levels are trying to creep up. Thus, you might not observe the blood pressure lowering effect of the Zona Plus until you adjust your medication with the help of your doctor. Once you start reducing it, you might see your blood pressure staying at normal levels.

Please note: You should never adjust your medication without the prior direction of your physician to do so.

Q: My blood pressure levels are slightly elevated but not seriously enough for my doctor to recommend taking medication. Is it beneficial for me to use Zona Plus?

A: Yes it is. Many of the clinical trials with pre-hypertensive patients demonstrate that. You may be able to reduce your elevated blood pressure levels to a normal range and you may avoid/delay your blood pressure levels creeping up into ranges that would require medication.

Q: I experience sustained soreness in my lower arms.

A: Initial muscle soreness right after a therapy session is normal and should subside within a few minutes.

To be effective, the Zona Plus Therapy takes some effort. As with any untrained muscle, your lower arms will have to get used to the new exercise. This might take a few days, but sustained muscle soreness should entirely subside within a week after starting the Zona Plus Therapy.

If you are experiencing muscle soreness for more than a week, pain or other adverse side effects stop using the Zona Plus and consult with your doctor to find out what is causing it.

Q: Can I increase the effectiveness of the Zona Plus® therapy by doing multiple sessions a day?

A: The Zona Plus Therapy is designed to trigger the blood pressure lowering effect with one therapy session a day, 5 times a week. Increasing this schedule will not result in significantly lower blood pressure levels. However, to stay consistent, for many users it is easier to use the Zona Plus every day.

Q: What do I do if my blood pressure levels have not come down after 12 weeks?

A:It depends:

You could be a late responder and just need more time. This is rare but we have had people that responded after 14 weeks. We encourage you to continue using Zona Plus. Just call 31 (0)20 796 5421 and we will be happy to extend your 12 weeks satisfaction guarantee.

You could have applied the therapy incorrectly. Call 31 (0)20 796 5421 and our friendly staff will review your therapy scores with you and help you improve your exercise.

You are a medicated, controlled hypertensive with resting blood pressure in the normal range of 120/80 mmHg: Zona Plus Therapy may not show significant effects until you adjust your medication. Talk to your doctor and discuss with him the opportunity to reduce your hypertension medication. Please note: You should never adjust your medication without the advice of your doctor.

It is possible that your blood pressure readings are unreliable and hence do not show a consistent trend. Make sure you follow the guidelines for accurate blood pressure measurements as published at Sometimes single blood pressure measurements are not sufficient. Talk to your doctor on how to best attain an accurate diagnosis.

While very unlikely, you may be one of the few patients that do not respond to the Zona Plus Therapy. We regret that Zona Plus could not provide relieve to your high levels of blood pressure, but, we stand by our satisfaction guarantee. Call 31 (0)20 796 5421 to schedule a return and collect your refund.

Please note: Your elevated blood pressure must be addressed. Talk to your doctor and explore with him what other treatment options are available to you.